NEW SPECIAL! Every Wednesday 11am-7pm. ANY size pizza ANY topping 25% off!! WOAH how could you go wrong !?!?!?!

About our Pizza

Our pizza is Sicilian Style which is thick, rectangular pizza. We have three different sizes! Small, Medium and a Large. Please be aware that our pizza does take 35 minutes to cook, please be patient as we try to cook you the best pizza around town! 

Large 24 piece
Half- Fresh Tomatoes, Buffalo Mozzarella,Basil. (Availble white or red base, please specify when ordering)
Half- Mushrooms, Roasted Peppers, Onions, Sausage

Slices available on counter fresh everyday !

Slices available on counter fresh everyday !

Half Mushroom
Half Veggie 

LARGE 24 piece Pepperoni!

Sausage, Meatball and Green Pepper-- Large

Everyday is a Holiday

We have a variety of cookies, biscuits, cake, cannolis, sauces and other goodies for the holidays and sold here everyday! Stop in to see our newly decorated store filled with delicious cravings to fill that tummy of your's! 

Come in and enjoy take-out or a sit down meal at our friendly, family owned business! Delivery after 4pm